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Budweiser - Superbowl 2014

Google Glass gets new frames

The Snapchat Pitch - DDB Oslo

Just Do It: Possibilities - Nike - By TBC

Scrabble Wifi - Scrabble - By Ogilvy

Only for Children - Fundacion Anar - By Grey Spain

Share a Coke with… - Coca Cola -

Imagine having your name on a bottle of Coke! This is apparently what Coca Cola is doing for its summer campaign.. I wonder if there will be some sort of location based recognition, so I can buy 100 bottles of “KAIS”.

Stay tuned here: shareacoke.co.uk

Oasis Fruit Store - Oasis - By Marcel

When you think that it all started with some community management on the Oasis Be Fruit Facebook page a few years ago now… The page has today more than 3Million fans.The recent opening of the fruit store clearly shows how digital activities today can influence “product marketing” directly and ultimately lead to new sources of revenue for a brand. As said on one of the new t-shirt: Yes Fruit can!

Google Street view hyperlapse - Google

Join team Messi - Adidas - By TBC

Adidas has just launched a nice personalised trailer experience inviting you to join team Messi.

The launch of this new campaign will support the launch of new football boots collection.

Perrier Secret Place - Perrier - By TBC

The latest Perrier digital experience is just brilliant. Through an interactive movie, you’ve got to find the secret bottle. To do so, you can explore more than 60 characters to discover the story through their eyes. There’s only one path to bring you to the secret bottle! So clever!

Visit perriersecretplace.com now!

Password for the experience is: PE617 (via @LoicChauveau )

New Beetle Slowmercial - Volkswagen - DDB Brussels

Source: PSFK

Orangina et le pigeon malade! - Orangina - By Fred & Farid

Orangina et l’homme canon! - Orangina - By Fred & Farid